Hello! My name is Cindy and I'm the owner of Happy Printz Occasions.

A little about me

My background is Customer Service, with over 27 years experience in this field.

I have always been the creative kind of woman and always gave myself the opportunity to let my creative side come out in all things I did.

I started producing printed Wedding and Party stationery in 2007, along with other stationery.

This is when the creation of my first business Happy Printz started.

My Experience

They always say that the most experienced are those that have been through it themselves, am I right?

Well here goes ....

In 2014, I was one lucky woman, when my husband (co-partner of Happy Printz) and I got married. After searching for a long time for stationery for ourselves, I decided that we couldn't really justify the great expense some companies were charging and I made our own.

In 2015, very lucky again (yes luck does strike more than once!) I bought my wonderful little boy into the world. As a parent, who has organised a lot of parties and other events for him, I created all of the stationery I needed for both the event and the present wrapping.

In 2018, I sadly lost my Nan, who was like a mother figure to me. I was her Next of kin, Power of Attorney and of course her rock. With this in mind, I had to be the one to organise and plan her funeral, in her way as she trusted me to do so. Now believe me when I say, I know how expensive funerals are and paying huge amounts for stationery was not on my list of priorities.

So again, I decided to make my own Order of Services.


My branding has come from the inspiration from my Nan. Her favourite flower was Geraniums and her favourite colour was lilac, as is mine, along with any shade of purple. Nan was always my number one fan when I first started getting creative and when I started my first business. She believed in me and supported me right to the end. So putting a piece of her through my branding was a no-brainer for me and she will always be remembered for the big part she played in my life and the business I created.

Our Promise

Happy Printz Occasions offers a wide range of printed stationery at very reasonable prices, without the compromise of quality. We can promise you great customer service throughout and a very comfortable experience.

We are very passionate in what we do and we know that nobody needs the additional stress or worry when planning and organising your event, so we will ensure that things go as smoothly as we can for you.

We hope that you can put your trust in us to be part of your special event, supplying you with the most beautiful stationery you need and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Take Care and Stay Safe,